Jolly Moto Exhaust Systems

The Jolly Moto racing system is a good choice for most 2-stroke-motorbikes. They have proven their value in many years of application in sport and racing.

Performance of a Jolly Moto exhaust system:

Performance of a Jolly Moto exhaust system

The prices for the systems do not include silencers

Price List
for Jolly Moto exhaust systems

two-stroke street motorbike exhaust systems
all systems with aluminum mufflers

Produkt Preis
silencer AL all models69,00 € w/o VAT
79,35 US$ w/o VAT
silencer carbon all models119,00 € w/o VAT
136,85 US$ w/o VAT
RS 250   589,00 € w/o VAT
677,35 US$ w/o VAT
RGV 250   589,00 € w/o VAT
677,35 US$ w/o VAT
RGV 250 (old model)569,00 € w/o VAT
654,35 US$ w/o VAT
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