Tyga Performance

The Tyga systems feature an amazing cost/performance ratio and a very high production quality. Therefore FischerKFZ decided to become sole distributor for TYGA in Germany.

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RGV/RS 250


other 2stroke engines

4stroke engines

Tyga products for RGV/RS250

The prices for the systems do not include silencers

TYGA exhaust systems for Aprilia RS 250

TYGA exhaust systems for Suzuki RGV 250


Carbon Parts

Other Parts

Tyga products for 125cc engines

Tyga products for other 2stroke engines

Exhaust systems

Tyga products for 4stroke engines

TYGA carbon parts feature a very high and homogeneous quality with perfectly crafted details. Carbon parts are much lighter than the original parts.

Carbon parts for 4stroke engines

Other Tyga products

other Tyga products

other Tyga products =>
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