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The Tyga systems feature an amazing cost/performance ratio and a very high production quality. Therefore FischerKFZ decided to become sole distributor for TYGA in Germany.

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Tyga products for RGV/RS250

The prices for the systems do not include silencers

TYGA exhaust systems for Aprilia RS 250

ApriliaPriceArticle number
RS 250 GP   379,00 € w/o VAT
435,85 US$ w/o VAT
RS 250 Race   379,00 € w/o VAT
435,85 US$ w/o VAT

TYGA exhaust systems for Suzuki RGV 250

SuzukiPriceArticle number
RGV 250 GP   379,00 € w/o VAT
435,85 US$ w/o VAT
RGV 250 Race   379,00 € w/o VAT
435,85 US$ w/o VAT


Tyga Fairings für RGV / RS 250PriceArticle number
fairing seat RGV 250   469,00 € w/o VAT
539,35 US$ w/o VAT
fairing front RGV 250   399,00 € w/o VAT
458,85 US$ w/o VAT
sheeld origin RGV 250 clear   39,00 € w/o VAT
44,85 US$ w/o VAT
sheeld origin RS 250 tinted   39,00 € w/o VAT
44,85 US$ w/o VAT
sheeld origin RS 250 clear   39,00 € w/o VAT
44,85 US$ w/o VAT

Carbon Parts

Carbon parts RS / RGV 250PriceArticle number
carbon fender front RGV 250   119,00 € w/o VAT
136,85 US$ w/o VAT
carbon fender rear RGV 250109,00 € w/o VAT
125,35 US$ w/o VAT
steps with carbon parts   299,00 € w/o VAT
343,85 US$ w/o VAT

Other Parts

Other TYGA PartsPriceArticle number
silencer-aluminum-tyga   59,00 € w/o VAT
67,85 US$ w/o VAT

Tyga products for 125cc engines

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Tyga products for other 2stroke engines

Exhaust systems


Tyga products for 4stroke engines

TYGA carbon parts feature a very high and homogeneous quality with perfectly crafted details. Carbon parts are much lighter than the original parts.

Carbon parts for 4stroke engines

Carbon parts 4-stroke-enginesPreisArtikelnummer

Other Tyga products

Other Tyga ProductsPreisArtikelnummer

other Tyga products

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