RGV 250/ RS 250

The engines of the Suzuki RGV 250 and the Aprilia RS 250 are the main focus of our work. We know the amazing potential of these machines and offer a huge variety of tuning sets. We also have a large assortment of spare parts and extensions.

We offer exhaust systems from three different manufacturers to cover the whole variety of performance and price: JL Exhausts, TYGA Performance and Jolly Moto

You can augment the performance of your engine by three steps with our elaborate tuning kits.

Furthermore, we offer ready-to-go exchange engines with these tunig levels.

Yet another main expertise of FischerKFZ are steady exhaust valves, an extrordinariy successfull proprietary development to approach the known stability problems of the standard parts. These reinforced exhaust valves are available as exchange parts, to guarantee the quickest possible transaction. Also new, steady exhaust valves made of turbine aluminium.

To approach steering problems, especially with a risen back, we suggest our high quality steering dampers.

To get an overview over the numerous services and offers, check out the complete price list.

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